Postdoctoral researcher

Felipe Magalhães


PhD students

Wilson Guillory


Felipe Coelho


Former Students 

PhD students
Francisco F. Robeiro de Oliveira (co-advising)                      
CV Lattes
Advisor: Mirco Solé

Master students
Emanuel Masiero da Fonseca (co-advising)
CV Lattes
Advisor: Adrian A. Garda

Flávia Mól Lana (co-advising) 

Advisor: Adrian A. Garda

Current Collaborators                                                                                                  

Comparative Phylogeography in the Dry Diagonal

Adaptation hybridization and reticulated evolution in contact zones

Adrian A. Garda

Frank T. Burbrink 

Eliana F. de Oliveira

Cacti evolution in the Espinhaço mountain range

Evandro Marsolla

Host-symbiont coevolution in Amazonian Toucans and their parasites

Lukas Musher

Jason Weckstein


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