Phylogeography of Muller’s termite frog suggests the vicariant role of the Central Brazilian Plateau
Oliveira EF, Gehara M, São-Pedro VA, Costa GC, Burbrink FT, Colli GR, MT Rodrigues, Garda AA
Journal of Biogeography, in press

Diversification with gene flow and niche divergence in a lizard species along the South American “diagonal of open formations.
Fonseca EM, Gehara M, Werneck FP, Lanna FM, Colli GR, Sites JW, Rodrigues MT, Garda AA
Journal of Biogeography, 45, 1688–1700

The evolutionary history of Lygodactylus lizards in the South American open diagonal
Lanna FM, Werneck FP, Gehara M, Fonseca EM, Colli GR, Sites JW, Rodrigues MT, Garda AA
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 127:638-645

The Biogeography of Deep Time Phylogenetic Reticulation (cover)
Burbrink FT, Gehara M Systematic biology, 67:743-744issue cover

Climatic suitability, isolation by distance and river resistance explain genetic variation in a Brazilian whiptail lizard
Oliveira EF , Martinez PA, São-Pedro VA, Gehara M, Burbrink FT, Mesquita DO, Garda AA, Colli GR, Costa GC
Heredity, 120: 251-265


Estimating synchronous demographic changes across populations using hABC, and its application for a herpetological community from Northeastern Brazil.
Gehara M, Garda AA, Werneck FP, Oliveira EF, Fonseca EM,Camurugi F, Magalhães FM, Lanna FM, Sites JW, Marques R, Silveira‐Filho R, São Pedro VA, Colli GR, Costa GC, Burbrink FT
Molecular Ecology26: 47564771. DOI: 10.1111/mec.14239

Model-based analyses reveal insular population diversification and cryptic frog species in the Ischnocnema parva complex in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil
Gehara M, Barth A, Oliveira EF, Costa MA, Haddad CFB, Vences M
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 112: 68-78

Ancient female philopatry, asymmetric male gene flow, and synchronous population expansion support the influence of climatic oscillations on the evolution of South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens).
Oliveira LR, Gehara MCM, Fraga LD, Lopes F, Túnez JI, Cassini MH, Majluf P, Cárdenas-Alayza S, Pavés HJ, Crespo EA, García N, de Castro RL, Hoelzel AR, Sepúlveda M, Olavarría C, Valiati VH, Quiñones R, Pérez-Alvarez MJ, Ott PH, Bonatto SL
PloS one 12 (6): e0179442

Integration of molecular, bioacoustical and morphological data reveals two new cryptic species of Pelodytes (Anura, Pelodytidae) from the Iberian Peninsula
Díaz-Rrodríguez J, Gehara M, Márquez R, Vences M, Gonçalves H, Sequeira F, Martínez-Solano I, Tejedo M
Zootaxa 4243 (1): 001-041


Multilocus phylogeography of the tree frog Scinax eurydice (Anura, Hylidae) reveals a Plio-Pleistocene diversification in the Atlantic Forest
Menezes L, Canedo C, Batalha-Filho H, Garda AA, Gehara M, Napoli MF
PloS one 11 (6): e0154626


Speciation with gene flow in whiptail lizards from a Neotropical xeric biome
Oliveira EF, Gehara M, São‐Pedro VA, Chen X, Myers EA, Burbrink FT, Mesquita DO, Garda AA, Colli GR, Rodrigues MT, Arias FJ, Zaher H, Santos RML, Costa GC
Molecular Ecology 24: 5957-5975

Genetic divergence in tropical anurans: deeper phylogeographic structure in forest specialists and in topographically complex regions
Rodríguez A, Börner M, Pabijan M, Gehara M, Haddad CFB, Vences M
Evolutionary Ecology 29 (5): 765-785

Distinct patterns of desynchronized limb regression in Malagasy Scincine lizards (Squamata, Scincidae)
Miralles A, Hipsley CA, Erens J, Gehara M, Rakotoarison A, Glaw F, Müller J, Vences M
PloS one 10 (6): e0126074


High levels of diversity uncovered in a widespread nominal taxon: continental phylogeography of the Neotropical tree frog Dendropsophus minutus
Gehara M, Crawford AJ, Orrico VGD, Rodríguez A, Lötters S, Fouquet A, Barrientos LS, Brusquetti F, De la Riva I, Ernst R, Urrutia GG, Glaw F, Guayasamin JM, Hölting M, Jansen M, Kok PJR, Kwet A, Lingnau R, Lyra M, Moravec J, Pombal Jr JP, Rojas-Runjaic FJM, Schulze A, Señaris JC, Solé M, Rodrigues MT, Twomey E, Haddad CFB, Vences M, Köhler J
PloS one 9 (9): e103958

Nuclear and mitochondrial multilocus phylogeny and survey of alkaloid content in true salamanders of the genus Salamandra (Salamandridae)
Vences M, Sanchez E, Hauswaldt JS, Eikelmann D, Rodríguez A, Carranza S, Donaire D, Gehara M, Helfer V, Lötters S, Werner P, Schulz S, Steinfartz S
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 73: 208-216

From species divergence to population structure: A multimarker approach on the most basal lineage of Salamandridae, the spectacled salamanders (genus Salamandrina) from Italy
Hauswaldt JS, Angelini C, Gehara M, Benavides E, Polok A, Steinfartz S
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 70: 1-12


Northern origin and diversification in the central lowlands?–Complex phylogeography and taxonomy of widespread day geckos (Phelsuma) from Madagascar
Gehring PS, Glaw F, Gehara M, Ratsoavina FM, Vences M
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 13 (4): 605-620

From widespread to microendemic: molecular and acoustic analyses show that Ischnocnema guentheri (Amphibia: Brachycephalidae) is endemic to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Gehara M, Canedo C, Haddad CFB, Vences M
Conservation Genetics 14 (5): 973-982

Genetic diversity, phylogeny and evolution of alkaloid sequestering in Cuban miniaturized frogs of the Eleutherodactylus limbatus group
Rodríguez A, Poth D, Schulz S, Gehara M, Vences M
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 68 (3): 541-554

Radically different phylogeographies and patterns of genetic variation in two European brown frogs, genus Rana
Vences M, Hauswaldt JS, Steinfartz S, Rupp O, Goesmann A, Künzel S, Orozco-terWengel P, Vieites DR, Nieto-Roman S, Haas S, Laugsch C, Gehara M, Bruchmann S, Pabijan M, Ludewig AK, Rudert D, Angelini C, Borkin LJ, Crochet PA, Crottini A, Dubois A, Ficetola GF, Galán P, Geniez P, Hachtel M, Jovanovic O, Litvinchuk SN, Lymberakis P, Ohler A, Smirnov NA
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 68 (3): 657-670

Population expansion, isolation and selection: novel insights on the evolution of color diversity in the strawberry poison frog
Gehara M, Summers K, Brown JL
Evolutionary Ecology 27 (4): 797-824


Description of a new Malagasy treefrog (Boophis) occurring syntopically with its sister species, and a plea for studies on non-allopatric speciation in tropical amphibians
Vences M, Gehara M, Köhler J, Glaw F
Amphibia-Reptilia 33 (3-4): 503-520

Predation on Sibynomorphus neuwiedi (Serpentes: Dipsadidae) by Leptodactylus labyrinthicus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in southeastern Brazil
Fonseca M, Carvalho R, Lanna F, Gehara M
Herpetology Notes 5: 167-168


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